February 2010

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Las Vegas Short Sales dominate Inventory Report for February of 2010

Thursday, February 4th, 2010 at 8:15pm. 836 Views, 0 Comments.

Las Vegas Inventory Report

Short Sales in Contingent Status Dominate Inventory

I just updated a client searching for properties on their own that keeps sending some really nice properties for more information with the news that the properties are currently in a "Contingent" status. All of them were short sales in a contingent status just waiting for a Lenders Approval of the short sale.

Due to the uncertainty of what the lien holder is going to come back with for an approval, properties with a signed contract between the seller and a buyer are put into a "Contingent" status subject to lenders approval. Unlike other contingencies... this is something the buyers and sellers have to rely on a third party since the price and terms of the final sale have to be…

Las Vegas Short Sales making Mainstream Media

Monday, February 1st, 2010 at 1:58am. 841 Views, 1 Comments.

Las Vegas Short Sales in the News

saving_homes_www.lasvegasshortsalesagent.com_349There has been a recent trend of the local media covering Las Vegas short sales in the news more often which is a wonderful thing in educating Las Vegas homeowners facing financial difficulties that they do have better options then just walking away and abandoning their homes.

There is nothing to be embarassed about when doing the right thing.

However... remember that a lot of the analysts being intereviewed in these news articles have never even listed and sold a short sale. There is a big difference between talking to a agent that actually does short sales then taking advice from analysts hearing about us doing them.

I've been catching some of these articles with some statements that probably need a little more…