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Cash Back for Short Selling a Las Vegas Home?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 at 4:39pm. 1738 Views, 2 Comments.

Can You Get Cash Back for Short Selling Your Las Vegas Home?

Yes. It is possible to get cash back at closing for short selling your Las Vegas home if you qualify. Some lenders do want to get rid of the home loans that are secured by homes that are worth far less than the mortgage and will actually pay you cash at closing.

For these particular lenders, it makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to just walk away from your home and let it go to foreclosure.

Does it have to be a Primary Home?

NO. I've successfully closed short sales for investors and they received cash back at closing AND all future deficiency judgement rights were also completely waived. This allowed the homeowner to completely move on in life and not be saddled with a bad investment that will probably…