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33 Offers on a Las Vegas Bank Owned Home in Five Days tells the story of what is really going on with Las Vegas Real Estate

Friday, March 16th, 2012 at 4:26pm. 1728 Views, 7 Comments.

Multiple Offer Notification for your Buyers to Respond To

Las Vegas Bank Owned Homes for SaleNo doubt... I expected some offers to compete against for a great little Las Vegas Bank Owned home which is why we put in an all cash offer with a quick close above the list price --- the day it was listed for sale -- but 33 offers on the property in five days?

Really? Unlike the old days when Banks would list Las Vegas Homes for far less then market value to get a bunch of offers in, this one was listed right at fair market value so finding out there were 33 offers submitted on it was a little shocking.

Sounds like if there is any housing problem in Las Vegas, it's a shortage of nice Las Vegas homes to buy.

Las Vegas Bank Owned Homes available for sale Inventory is back to 2007 Levels..

Yes.. quite a…