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The Escrow process in Nevada

Friday, March 13th, 2015 at 8:01am. 7705 Views, 0 Comments.

This article is courtesy of Noah Hoag with Ticor Title.


What Do I have to do while in Escrow?
The key to any transaction as important as your sale, purchase or loan is to read and understand your escrow instructions. If you do not understand them, you should ask your escrow officer to explain the instructions.
Your escrow officer is not an attorney and cannot practice law; you should consult your lawyer for legal advice. Do not expect your escrow officer to advise you as to whether or not you have a "good deal" or are doing things the right way. The escrow officer is there to follow the instructions given by the principals in the escrow. In order to expedite the closing of the escrow, you should check with your escrow officer as to what specific items you…