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Green Valley Real Estate in Henderson, NV

Green Valley real estate is a planned community within the City of Henderson and bordering the Southeastern region of Las Vegas. The planned area of Green Valley South and Green Valley North helped transform Henderson real estate into a nationally recognized city as a fantastic place to live with a wide abundance of parks, Neighborhoods and recreational activities.

First planned out by American Nevada back in 1978, Green Valley real estate covers 8,400 acres of residential and commercial development and is now home to over 75,000 people.

The areas that technically make up Green Valley real estate are often miscategorized by newcomers and Las Vegas real estate agents alike. Often times, the seperately planned communities of Green Valley Ranch, Seven Hills, Ventana Canyon, Gibson Springs, Whitney Ranch and MacDonald Ranch real estate are automatically classifed as part of Green Valley real estate.

HOWEVER, they are seperate and distinct Master Planned communities in Henderson with their own characteristics. Experts in Green Valley Real Estate and Henderson NV real estate know this so be aware when you see all of these communities clumped together and classified as Green Valley Real Estate.

If you look at the map below, you can actually see the areas of Green Valley and the relationship to other communities and how convenient the Green Valley area is in relationship to Las Vegas.

Henderson nv real estateMap Provided for Reference to show the Distinction only and is not a guarantee of boundaries or zoning.

Green Valley Homes in Henderson NV For Sale

It’s important to understand that Green Valley is a seperately planned area within Henderson, but does not have a Master Association that over sees all of the associations. There are several communities and Subdivisions within the area and each of them may have their own Covenants, Codes and Restrictions. (CC&R’s)

A wide variety of Green Valley Homes exist ranging from entry level condominiums to Luxury custom homes. Golf course homes in Green Valley are available and are primarily found in Green Valley South along The Legacy golf course.

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