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Groupon – Daily Deals for Las Vegas

Posted by Paul Francis on Monday, September 20th, 2010 at 2:50pm.

Discounts for Las Vegas Deals

Sometimes when there is so much to do in Las Vegas, you can’t make up your mind on what to do. I was recently reminded of something to do in Las Vegas and offered 1/2 off to do it with a recent Groupon deal.

Groupon is a service that businesses can use to announce specials and discounts. People signed up under Groupon are notified of the deal being offered through e-mail and can then┬ápre-pay for the deal through the service if they want it. You pay for it and wah lah — you get a Groupon Coupon.

Not a bad deal and hey… it’s free to sign up to be notified of Las Vegas businesses looking for your business. You can get some pretty good deals from half off for food & beverage, activities and adventures in and around Las Vegas. It’s a free service and I can tell you from being a member of Groupon for well over six months, your e-mail box will not be stuffed with junk. The deals that come over are well worth it.

Not only that… but you can find out about some new businesses that you may have not been aware of such as a recent Groupon deal sent to my e-mail. You can check out Groupon by clicking on the following link:

Groupon Deals

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