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If you want to find a fantastic deal, here you have the best tips to avoid problems with real estate agencies.

Are you thinking of going to a real estate agency to buy or sell a real estate? Know in advance what the most common problems are and avoid them. The best advice is information.

I accompanied you to visit the flat. You pay the commission.

It is widespread in the practice of real estate agencies, especially the smallest, one-person and unprofessional ones, not to document in any way the relationship they enter into with the potential buyer. And to limit themselves to putting to the signature what they usually call “part of a visit,” a document that the potential buyer usually signs standing and in haste while accompanied by the agent or an employee to know the property offered, and of which he does not receive a copy. Then that potential buyer, if he finally acquires the property either through another real estate agency or by dealing directly with the seller, he is surprised that the said “part of the visit” includes with a minuscule letter the obligation to pay a commission for it.

What is the problem?

That the potential buyer who has been interested in a real estate ad has not asked clearly and openly as soon as he enters the door what obligations he can undertake simply by visiting the real estate in his hand so that there is no doubt.

Before visiting a real estate with a realtor:

  • Ask them to inform you in writing of any obligations you may incur for this simple fact.
  • Ask for advance copies of any documents that you claim to have. firme.No be ashamed to demand this information.

Real estate agencies are companies, and you are a consumer. You are therefore entitled to be fully informed of the conditions of service to be provided by the company before entering into any obligation.

An average commission of an average sale exceeds 6,000 euros. Don’t you think we should pay a little attention to the matter?

You signed the sales exclusively. You pay the commission.

The same thing happens when we turn to the real estate agency to sell a real estate, not to buy it. You have the right to be fully informed of the conditions of service to be provided by the company before entering into any obligation.

Serious and professional real estate agencies usually have an agency or intermediation contract, with or without a mandate or representation made by a lawyer.

Be wary of those who want to do it all “byword” or by signing concise documents called “parts of sale” or similar, in which again we find ourselves in abusive small letters.

The most common problem in this case, apart from the lack of information, is the unwanted exclusivity.

Exclusivity is the obligation to sell the property with the intermediary of the agency for a minimum period. This prevents us from selling it through other real estate companies. And in extreme cases, even directly. This is why it is essential to make sure that the conditions of the order we make are right. It is not mandatory to grant exclusivity to the agency.

Although I sold it for half the price requested, you pay the commission. Another common problem when selling through an agency is that of the selling price. Usually, if a property is offered below the market value, it is sold quickly. Anyone can find a buyer under these conditions. This does not require an agency. In any case, however, some agencies intend to charge their commission, whatever the selling price, and this is a clear imbalance.

It is highly advisable to set the selling price we demand by clearly fixing the allowable margin of variation. If the agency does not include this aspect in your contract or does not directly formalize an agreement, look for another more severe Agency.

Sign this gibberish to book.

Another complex set of problems caused by real estate agencies is due to their commitment to drafting real estate contracts without having legal knowledge. Forms that are ill-adapted to the specific case or documents that have no head or feet are often used and that only complicate things because money is received on the account and it is not very well known for what or under what conditions. This is more frequent than one might think, even in the case of supposedly well-organized franchises.

Not only do they not avoid problems, but they also create them. The best advice on this, believe me, is to consult with a real estate lawyer before signing any purchase-related documents as is done in the rest of Europe where it is inconceivable to enter into a contract without legal advice.