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Selling your Las Vegas real estate for the most possible money in the shortest amount of time means much more then just putting up a for sale sign, putting it in the Las Vegas MLS and Praying!

As your Las Vegas Home Selling Consultants, we’ll work together to custom tailor a marketing plan that meets Your needs and goals that will work in today’s competitive Las Vegas real estate market. All Backed by a name known worldwide that guarantees it’s services in writing!

We advertise where the Las Vegas buyers are looking including multiple websites with global recognition, our own company Homes Magazine distributed across the Las Vegas Valley and multiple venues where Las Vegas home buyers are actually looking for Las Vegas real estate to buy.

Keep in mind, Marketing real estate is not the same as just Advertising Las Vegas real estate. How your Las Vegas home is marketed can make all the difference between just being another Las Vegas home listed for sale or a Las Vegas home that someone is going to want to buy and that’s where we come in. Years of experience knowing what works and attracts real estate buyers…and what does not. Your Las Vegas real estate could be posted on 10 Million real estate websites and it’s not going to sell if it’s not marketed right to begin with!

Las Vegas Real Estate buyers have access to loads of information at their finger tips nowadays (some good and some bad) and we have the understanding of what they are looking for and where.

What’s Your Las Vegas Home Value?

Las Vegas Short Sales Specialist – With over two years of actual Las Vegas Short Sales Experience, Learn more about selling your Las Vegas Home even if you owe more then it is worth.

Prudential Real Estate Ranked #1 in 2010 Home Sellers Satisfaction Survey by JD Power & Associates.

Top Reasons to Sell your home with an Experienced Las Vegas REALTOR®

  1. A custom marketing plan designed with Your needs in mind and backed by a world wide respected name in Las Vegas Real Estate.
  2. Consultation on what needs to be done before we put your Las Vegas Home up for sale including staging.
  3. An estimated net sheet analysis showing what you can expect to receive in proceeds at the close of sale including customary Las Vegas closing costs and an explanation of who represents who in a real estate transaction.
  4. The necessary State of Nevada disclosures and Federal Disclosures when applicable to protect your future liability.
  5. What you need to do when your Las Vegas home is being shown. What to say and what not to say.
  6. Explanation of Listing contracts and purchase agreements and what you need to provide to help insure a smooth and headache free sale helping to protect you from future liability after the sale of your Las Vegas real estate.
  7. Being able to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of offers to purchase your Las Vegas home so you don’t waste valuable time with poorly qualified real estate buyers.
  8. Professional Negotiation skills and the ability to spot negotiation tactics right away. The ability to evaluate the experience of the potential buyers representation.
  9. Knowing who needs to do what and when it needs to be done during the escrow process such as title searches, Las Vegas home inspections, appraisals, underwriting, signing and HUD1 Reviews.
  10. Reviewing your final documents before closing to help insure Your proceeds are correct and the appropriate parties are getting charged per the terms of the Las Vegas real estate contracts.

Keep in mind that during the Las Vegas real estate escrow process, multiple pitfalls can occur and the Experience of the Las Vegas REALTOR and professionalism of the Las Vegas real estate Brokerage makes all the difference in being able to handle difficult situations with the best solutions.

Prudential Americana Group has multiple FULL TIME Sales and Managing Brokers available for it’s Las Vegas real estate agents… and for you. Prudential Americana Group in Las Vegas are highly respected in the Las Vegas real estate community due to a long tradition of responsible real estate practices… and being noted as the Real Estate Company in Las Vegas that sells the most real estate. 

When it’s time to sell your Las Vegas real estate, get the value You deserve through the services of a professional Las Vegas REALTOR and Brokerage. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us directly at 702.592.3058.

What’s Your Las Vegas Home Value?

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