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Las Vegas Zip Code Map

Las Vegas Area Zip Code Map

This is the most current Las Vegas Zip code map that I know about provided by the City of Las Vegas.

Visit this link on the City of Las Vegas website here.

This is handy to help narrow down Las Vegas Homes in an area of Las Vegas that interests you. As we tell everybody, you don’t want to live too far from where you work or spend most of your time – gas prices and traffic (both of which seem to have no long term solutions in sight) are not getting any better in Las Vegas. The beautiful thing about the Las Vegas real estate brokerage we are with is the ability to use multiple offices in convenient locations around Las Vegas for everybody’s convenience.

Las Vegas Area Zip Code Demographics

Most of the information concerning demographics for Las Vegas zip codes is OLD information being taken from the U.S. Census Buereau 2000 study. The Las Vegas valley area has changed SO much since then, most of the information I have come across is very inaccurate. Current Las Vegas median home prices are probably a more accurate indicator of the demographics of a Las Vegas zip code and we’ll add information below on the different zip codes as we can. Just look for the zip code you are interested in and click on the link.

If you know the Las Vegas area zip codes you are interested in, please use the contact form below for more information. We have loads of reports and market studies – the information will be added as time permits.

Las Vegas Zip Codes

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